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Hello Friends!

Hope everyone had a safe and great New Year!

Let me first start off by saying "Thank You!" for all your support! We want your experience to be awesome! With everyone back into their work routine, we are also back into ours.... Can't wait to see all of your familiar faces again...

Chef's Special

Sea Monster- 8 Crab Legs, Scallops, Mussels, Squid, and Shrimp- $28- Your dish of choice... best in our Mi Korp or tossed in our Salt and Pepper Seasoning! 

Lobster is delicious! 3-5oz tails, cooked in a spicy basil  or ginger sauce.... $28 

Panko Fish $8.95 

Sweet Sausage Thai Fried Rice $8.95

Jalapeno Soft Shell Crab 3 pieces for $15

Spicy Mayo Shrimp- $8.95

Short Ribs in a DYNAMITE Sauce $10

Our Dynamite is DYNOMITE!!!  


Chinese dishes are just as excellent....... 

Our Chinese dishes can't compare to the ones we have down the street because it beats them hands down. A couple of our popular dishes are the General's Chicken and Black Pepper Steak. They are served with Jasmine rice or our tasty fried rice and a choice of an egg roll or fried dumplings.